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Biggest specialist store for cuckoo clocks


Wall clocks and table clocks from Kieninger and Hermle

The Eble Uhren-Park is German’s biggest special store for cuckoo clocks, wall clocks, floor clocks and mantel clocks. We offer you on a base of 1 000 sq.m the biggest imaginable choice, not only of cuckoo clocks. In our Online Shop you find besides that a choice of about 1000 of large sized clocks like cuckoo clocks, wall clocks, floor clocks and mantel clocks from all leading manufacturers. We sell cuckoo clocks from Schneider and Hönes as well as cuckoo clocks and other large sized clocks from our own manufacture. The shipping of the traditional manufactured cuckoo clocks takes place worldwide! In our worldwide shipping of wall clocks you also find wall clocks and mantel clocks from Hermle, Kieninger, AMS and further well – known manufacturer in all imaginable style – trends and price ranges. Furthermore you find in our online shop each Kieninger Clock, as well as mantel clocks, wall clocks, floor clocks or table clocks.

Floor Clocks

Furthermore we also like to manufacture your floor clock as desired. By the choice of the face, weights and pendulum, as well as the kind of wood and stain shade you can take a decisive influence on the look of your floor clock. Don’t let slip the opportunity for a floor clock from the Black Forest Uhren-Park. Because here in the Uhren-Park you find time in its most wonderful form with our cuckoo clocks, wall clocks, grandfather clocks and mantel clocks.

Because of bulk purchase and the resulting first class price conditions we can offer you right way each Ingersoll clock at a 20% discount at least, compared with the selling prices recommended by Ingersoll. We also deliver each Ingersoll clock in a very short term.

The World’s Biggest Cuckoo Clock

Moreover you can visit the World’s Biggest Cuckoo Clock in Eble Uhren-Park. You even can visit this Cuckoo clock from inside. This way you experience the mechanism in a realistic way and you learn to understand our fascination for cuckoo clocks. You also discover the multitude of much more other types which are manufactured in our own traditional company and you’ll find this way the fitting wall clock or also the fitting wrist watch.

We would appreciate to welcome you on site in our shop and of course also in our Clock Online Shop to become acquainted with our numerous types of cuckoo clocks.


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