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Eble -Dreivogel 39cm- 38-07-12-80Eble -Dreivogel 39cm- 38-07-12-80

Hight x Wifth = 39 x 30cm

Solid wood
Hand made
Wooden hands
Mechanical 8-days movement
Cuckoo call to each half and full hour
Shut off lever

Three hand-carved birds decorate this classic wood-carving. This motif was one of the very first ones, when the cuckoo clock was invented in 1738. 24-hours movement with shut off lever.

VdSVdS proofed ''Original Black Forest cuckoo clock''

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This is overall an outstanding clock, a clear masterpiece. It keeps the time perfectly and has a very good nostalgic feeling to it. The wooden cuckoo clearly appears much better than other plastic ones in the market for which I rate this clock much higher.

The only problem is that the clock should be mounted at least 7.8 feet high. The instructions say that it can be mounted 6-7 feet above the ground. When I mount about 6.8 feet high, the weights touch the ground on the 6th day after full rewinding. This means that I should wind it every 5-6 days instead of 8 days. This is quite a problem as if the weights touch the ground, they eventually fall off. On the other hand, mounting the clock 8 feet high is impossible as then it will anyways look strange in the house.


La verdad es q estoy muy contento con mi compra, un producto de calidad a muy buen precio

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