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Schneider Anton Söhne
Fachwerkhaus 40cm

Prod.Nr.: 10950  8TMT 483/9
Made in Germany
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Schneider Anton Söhne
Hight x Wifth = 40 x 36cm
Black Forest house
Solid wood
Hand made

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 SRP 1.571,00*
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 SRP 1.571,00*
incl. 19 % Tax

Hight x Wifth = 40 x 36cm

Black Forest house
Solid wood
Hand made
Hand shingeld roof
Wooden hands
Mechanical 8-days movement
Cuckoo call to each half and full hour
Shut off lever
Automatic night time shut offAutomatic night time shut off
Music work with two melodies
Rotating dancers while the music is playing
Rotating mill wheel while the music is playing

Very detailled crafted solid wooden case with many details and frame work. Roof with hand laid shingels. On the full hour the hand painted wooden dancing couples, the water wheel and the beer drinkers move to the music.Big wooden cuckoo, wooden dial and wooden hands

VdSVdS proofed ''Original Black Forest cuckoo clock''



The cuckoo clock I ordered arrived at my home in good condition.
I ordered this product from Japan, far from your country.
I can not speak or write German, so I send my comment in English.
My family is happy to receive this nice and wonderful clock.
The appearance and the performance in a time signal meet our expectations.
I could get this clock in much more reasonable price than that of the same imported product been selling in Japan.
I think it is somewhat difficult to adjust the length of a pendulum for keeping accurate time.
As I guess its mechanism is not so complex, we will be able to repair it even in Japan in case that it is out of order.
I hope it will work during several decades.
Thank you for your kind service of your shop.


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