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Hermle -Monatsläufer Wanduhr Regulator Greenwich Kirschbaum 91cm- 70875-160761
Hermle -Monatsläufer Wanduhr Regulator Greenwich Nussbaum 91cm- 70875-030761

Monatsläufer Wanduhr Regulator Greenwich Schwarz 91cm

Prod.Nr.: 10621  70875-740761
Made in Germany
(131)  (131)
verified rating
Hight x Width x Depth = 90,5 x 26 x 13 cm
Black finish
Mechanical cable driven movement
Precision movement

 SRP 4.995,00*
incl. 19 % Tax
 SRP 4.995,00*
incl. 19 % Tax

Hight x Width x Depth = 90,5 x 26 x 13 cm

Black finish
Mechanical cable driven movement
Precision movement
31 days power reserve
Second feature
Numbered edition

Impressive case with hand polished black finish. Bevelled front and side glasses. Special regulator dialregulator dial with separate hour, minute and second hand. Newly developed Hermle high precision movement only to be wound once a month. The sollid anchor has rubin paletts.
Movement has 6 ball bearings and 6 rubin bushings. Power reserve. Anchor setting can be done with a precision screw on the pendulum stick. The second hand makes 78 steps for a 1 minute turn. Numbered edition shown indial with quality certificate.


Two years ago, I bought a Greenweech clock, from Uhren Park.
Then I wrote my satisfaction here , in an appreciation or this gorgeous clock.
I have now to witness about the service.
After runnig perfectly, the clock showed some instability, and eventually stopped.
I alerted Mr Eble, who alerted Hermle.
In less than a month, the clock went back to the factory, in Germany , was inspected, fixed, and sent back to my home, where it is running perfectly again
All I had to do, is to pack it carefully. Hermle organized the shipping to, and from.
And, It did not cost to me a single cent.
So, all I have to say is " thanlk you, mr Eble, and Ms Göttling ( Hermle ) ".


This is an exceptional timepiece. First-rate quality. The price offered by Eble Uhren-Park was materially less than any offers from the U.S. Shipping was surprisingly inexpensive too from Germany to the U.S. It did take nearly a month to arrive after I ordered it. But I believe that had more to do with Customs delays in Germany and in the U.S.

When the package arrived at my home, I was sure the clock would have been destroyed. The package looked like it had been through a war zone. However, team Eble did a very good job of packing the clock safely. To my surprise, it was totally pristine. Not a blemish to be found on the piece itself.

Once it was mounted and has been running now for several days, I was surprised that I didn't have to make any adjustments to the pendulum swing. It is keeping perfect time "straight out of the box"

Other than the big shipping delays (again, caused by Customs processing) I am very satisfied with this clock and with the service of Eble.


I received this clock, in perfect shape, very well packed, two months ago.
The finish is very good, the clock looks gorgeous.
But the minute and hour hands were not in sync.
Mr Eble answered quickly: his advice was, that the hour hand was just friction fitted on its axle, and thus could be easily repositioned.
Not so easy. it was stuck on it by traces of paint, and had to be pulled with a home made tiny extractor.
This problem cleared, the way to the tests was open.
The regulating nut proved to be excessively hard to turn, making the adjustment difficult: you have to firmly maintain the bob, while turning the nut.
Keep in mind that a change of only 0.015mm in the length of the equivalent simple pendulum, results in a change in the order of 1 second per day. This change is easily made by simply touching the bob, disturbing the delicate suspension spring articulation.
To be able to finely adjust the period of the pendulum, an adjusting table has been designed, and clipsed on the rod.
Putting tiny weights on the table shorten the period : on my clock 28mg gives a second/day.
But one has to be careful: when adjusting, do not touch the pendulum!.
I made the last adjustment (with 510mg) , 20 days ago. Since that day, the clock has been running without being opened.
It is not perfectly stable, some days it is a tick (0.7s) fast, some others 1 tick late, and some days just in time.
But after 20 days of free running, it is yet within the second.
Not so bad: better than some quartz clocks!


The clock was shipped quickly from Germany to the US.

The clock was stuck in US Customs for 11 days.

When I saw the condition of the box that the clock was shipped in, I was sure that the clock would be in tiny broken pieces. The shippers were not kind at all to the clock. The really superior packing saved the day. The clock was in perfect condition.

I hung the clock and it started right up. I had an uneven ticking issue that required a tiny bit of grease to be applied to the crutch area of the clock. Once I did that, it sounded perfect.

Adjusting the "beat" of the clock was a little tricky, but once I adjusted it correctly, it was perfect.

I wanted to take a moment to thank Ralf. His assistance and knowledge were critical to the clock working perfectly. He spent a lot of time walking me through setting the "beat". His willingness to assist were greatly appreciated.

I am now in the process of setting the pendulum speed. It is currently as accurate as any clock I have, eventually, I hope to achieve the 3 seconds a month that Ralf mentioned.

I highly recommend this clock. It is as accurate as it is beautiful. I really love the design and the fact that they have the best price in the world for this clock made the purchase that much better. I was also pleased that the US did not charge me any additional customs duty on the clock.



Received in time and perfectly secured packaging. Easy to set up, now the optimisation of the accuracy is ongoing.
All together I'm very satisfied.


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