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AMS 5087/1

Prod.Nr.: 16781 
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Height x Width = 71 x 21cm
Radio controlled wall clock with Westminster / Bim-Bam chime. Automatic night time shut off. Walnut with burl wood

 SRP 579,00*
incl. 19 % Tax
 SRP 579,00*
incl. 19 % Tax

Height x Width = 71 x 21cm

Radio controlledRadio controlled
The principal function of the radio controlled clock. The world’s most accurate clock is the Cesium time base of Germany’s national physics laboratory (Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt) in Braunschweig (PTB). It is so accurate that a rate deviation of 1 second is to be expected in 1 million of years.Therefore the clock which is radiocontrolled by the time base is absolutely correct. From the official Germany’s standard frequency radio station (Deutscher Normalfrequenz- u. Zeichensender) DCF 77, which is located in Mainfligen (24 km south east of Frankfurt/Main) the radio clock receives longwave time signals from 77,5 kHz. This station has a range of 1500 km on the average. Please note that thos clocks are adjusted for the timzone GMT+1
Until now it has mainly be used for scientific purposes, for navigation and space travel. But now this precision can be used free of charge by the radio clock. The radio clock can receive the DCF 77 longwave time signal over the integrated antenna system wherever e.g. a usable longwave reception is possible by a portable radio. In many cases the radio clock can also be used in a far longer distance, but then the local conditions are decisive of the result. The computer that is integrated in the radio clock uses the received time code bit stream and after that the hands are set automatically. Once fully automatically synchronized the radio clock keeps on running on its own highly precise internal 32 kHz time standard base and compares once per hour the indicated time with the time information of the DCF 77.
Because of the very high accuracy of the integrated time-base even a time comparison of only once a day would be sufficient. Because of the 24 time comparisons per day it isn’t relevant to the accuracy of the radio clock, if someone or other comparison cannot be carried out for a variety of reasons (e.g. thunderstorm, temporary break down of the transmitter, not radio-screened household appliances, TV-sets etc.) One more very important advantage of the radio clock is the fully automatic summer- and normal-time adjustment within a second.
wall clock with WestminsterWestminster / Bim-Bam chime. Automatic night time shut offAutomatic night time shut off. Walnut with burl wood


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