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Die weltgrößte Kuckucksuhr im Eble Uhren-Park

The world largest cuckoo clock

The eponymous cuckoo delights young and old alike. As part of an artfully crafted clock, it can be found in numerous living rooms around the globe. Genuine cuckoo clocks are created in the Black Forest - and so every single clock contains a piece of Black Forest tradition, which is now available in countless versions. But there is one that is larger than all of them in terms of dimensions and it is of course located in the Black Forest: the world's largest cuckoo clock, created in countless hours of work. Come, marvel and enter the place where the cuckoo lives. The biggest cuckoo clock opens its doors daily for visitors and invites you into a world that you can otherwise only experience from the outside. A must for all clock lovers, Black Forest friends and fans of the cuckoo! Our clock carrier Johann will gladly explain the clockwork to you.
We offer guided tours in the following languages:
German, English, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and Chinese

Die weltgrößte Kuckucksuhr

Everything you need to know about the world's largest cuckoo

A cuckoo clock so big that you can walk inside? We present you the biggest cuckoo clock in the Black Forest and in the whole world. The clock combines traditional craftsmanship with precision. The result is a spectacular sight that conceals a technical masterpiece. You will find the clock in Schonachbach 27 in Triberg, in the heart of the Black Forest - the cradle of the cuckoo clocks.

No other specimen in the world currently extends in such dimensions! The cuckoo is 4.50 meters tall, completely made of wood and painted by hand! This anything but small bird weighs 150 kilograms. The pendulum is 8 meters long and weighs 100 kilograms.

And the best thing about the largest cuckoo clock in the world: It works and reliably shows you the time because it contains a fully functional clockwork. It is a replica of an original clockwork but much smaller in size. The scale is 60 to 1. The magnificent clockwork, which you can view via a staircase, measures 4.5 by 4.5 meters. And despite its size, it is driven purely mechanically according to tradition - by two huge fir cone weights.

Two bellows produce the typical cuckoo call. The little bird calls once every half hour and announces the time on the hour. Inside the world's largest cuckoo clock this is definitely an experience.

Black Forest Tradition: Cuckoo Clocks in all sizes

The Black Forest has a long tradition of clock-making. It was the harsh, cold winters that prompted farmers in the Black Forest to handcraft clocks at home at the kitchen table. Today, the cuckoo clocks with mechanical pendulum movement from Black Forest production are world-famous.

The trademark of every Black Forest clock is of course the little bird, which announces the time with its call, triggered by a striking mechanism. A railroad attendant's house, which was typical for this region in the 19th century, as well as a clock face give the clocks their characteristic appearance. Numerous variations of these classic variants are found today, available as 1-day cuckoo clocks or 8-day cuckoo clocks. They are hand carved and equipped with elaborate details.

But the well-known cuckoo also cuts a fine figure in its new guise: modern cuckoo clocks reinterpret the traditional clock again and stylize it as a design object. Today, mini cuckoo clocks are another special feature. Such miniature editions fit into even the tiniest room and form the absolute counterpart of the world's largest cuckoo clock.

Uhrwerk weltgrößte Kuckucksuhr

Eble weltgrößte Kuckucksuhr

5 years, four hands: This is how the world's largest cuckoo clock was created

Despite its truly gigantic dimensions, the world's largest cuckoo clock was traditionally handcrafted in filigree style. Not a single part of the majestic construction stems from a series production. It is a complete individual production. A small cuckoo clock measuring 7.5 by 7.5 centimeters was used as a model, which was reproduced true to detail.

It took five years to realize this mammoth project in its gigantic dimensions. In 1990, master clockmakers Ewald and Ralf Eble from Triberg-Schonachbach began building the Black Forest Clock, which takes up an entire house. They found a solution for every technical difficulty that arose during this time. In 1994 the technical masterpiece was completed. Three years later, the Guinness Book of Records attested the construction to be the largest cuckoo clock in the world.

Visiting the cuckoo: the world's largest cuckoo clock welcomes guests in Triberg

While ordinary 1-day cuckoo clocks are only eye-catching in the living room, you can recognize the world's largest model already from the federal road B33, which leads to Triberg. The pretty little house, which opens its doors daily for international guests, is situated in the middle of the Eble Uhren-Park.

Ein großer Parkplatz in unmittelbarer Nähe heißt die Besucher willkommen. Schon von außen wird die Kunstfertigkeit deutlich. Der Vogel wohnt im Dachgeschoss und zeigt sich stündlich sowie jeweils zur halben Stunde im Fenster. Nicht nur für Kinder jedes Mal eine echte Sensation!

The large parking lot in the immediate vicinity can be used by visitors. Already from the outside the craftsmanship becomes evident. The bird lives in the attic and shows itself in the window every hour and every half hour. A real sensation every time – not only for children! Watch fans and lovers of sophisticated watch technology will get their money's worth, especially inside. Here you can experience the clockwork of the largest cuckoo clock live and from close up. Clock carrier Johann explains it to you in detail.

We offer guided tours of the clockwork in the following languages:
German, English, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and Chinese.
The adjacent Eble Uhren-Park is also worth a visit. Here you will discover Black Forest clock art in all its facets on 1000 square meters, including the in-house Eble cuckoo clocks - a perfect souvenir and, so to speak, the world's largest cuckoo clock miniaturized.


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